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The AGDL (Association pour la Garantie des Dépôts Luxembourg) has been created in 1989.

The purpose was to set up a mutual guarantee scheme covering cash deposits of the customers of credit institutions.
The AGDL could easily fit in the mould of the European Directive 1994/19, creating the Deposit Guarantee Schemes. Since the European Directive 1997/9, AGDL also covers claims arising out of investment transactions in favour of investors with credit institutions and investment firms.

No failure of a member of the AGDL was ever registered until October 8th and 9th 2008, when the Tribunal d’Arrondissement of Luxembourg declared in suspension of payments three members of the AGDL,

Glitnir Bank Luxembourg SA (“Glitnir”),
Landsbanki Luxembourg SA (“Landsbanki”) and
Kaupting Bank Luxembourg SA (“Kaupthing”).

The AGDL had to intervene for the customers of these three credit institutions. As in the three Banks the investment instrument were available and the clients could recover their entire portfolios, only the guarantee scheme covering the cash deposits was set in motion. The AGDL’s intervention was at that time limited to a maximum amount of 20,000 € per client of each of these three Banks.

The process of compensation of the clients was successfully managed by the AGDL on the basis of a long-standing outsourcing contract with a consultant firm. Thanks to the fully efficient computerised system, developed in cooperation with this consultant and the substantial efforts made by its staff, AGDL was able to compensate, from December 2008 on, more than 15.000 customers.

The evolution and the fate of the three banks since 2008 were different for each of them, but currently the three files are closed regarding the compensation aspects.



For Glitnir, a restructuring plan, presented by the Administrator, was accepted by the creditors and validated by the Court on 1st April 2009. Glitnir has since 3rd April 2009 entered a proceeding of voluntary winding-up.

Thus, the measure of suspension of payments stopped as well as the mission of AGDL. The AGDL recovered its debt and the Glitnir case has been closed in the meanwhile.

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Through a restructuring plan presented on 8th June 2009 and approved by the Court on 8th July 2009, Kaupthing, was splitted in two parts:

         1) creation of Pillar Securitisation SARL, which took over the debts (a.o. AGDL) of Kaupthing and

         2) creation of a new Bank “Banque Havilland SA” ( which took over the customers of Kaupthing with their deposits, while the customers of the Belgian branch were taken over by Keytrade Bank.

The Kaupthing file has been closed, apart from the reimbursement to AGDL process, which begun in 2009 and is still lasting.




On 8th December 2008, the Court ordered the dissolution and the winding-up of the Bank. The bankruptcy rules and proceedings are applicable to this dissolution.

The Landsbanki case was closed in 2011 and AGDL recovered its debt due to the consent by the Luxembourg Central Bank and Landsbanki Islands to restructure their claims against the estate of Landsbanki Luxembourg, which granted seniority to the claims of the other creditors of Lansdbanki Luxembourg.

By Court order of the District Court of Luxembourg, dated 24 February, 2010, the deadline by which creditors had to file their claims in order to receive dividends from Landsbanki Luxembourg S.A. in liquidation had been set at MAY 14, 2010.

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No failure was registered in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

In 2009 the AGDL organized an extraordinary general meeting of its members in order to adapt its statutes to the new law increasing the amount of the cash deposit guarantee in Luxembourg to 100,000 € per person with effect from 1 January 2009.

In December 2010 the AGDL organized an extraordinary general meeting of its members in order to adapt its statutes to the provisions of the European Directive 2009/14, at that time, not yet transposed into the Luxembourg Law, in particular the reduction of the payout delay to 20 working days

On 8 June 2015, the AGDL organized an extraordinary general meeting of its members in order to adapt its statutes to the provisions of the European Directive 2014/49, at that time, not yet transposed into the Luxembourg law.  

L’AGDL traite les données personnelles des déclarants dans le but de la mise en oeuvre de la garantie des dépôts et des investissements. Ce traitement des données personnelles est effectué conformément à la loi du 2 août 2002 modifiée relative à la protection des personnes à l’égard du traitement des données à caractère personnel. Sur base d’un contrat de sous-traitance conclu depuis de nombreuses années par l’AGDL et d’un manuel de procédures détaillé qui prévoit les règles d’intervention en cas de sinistre et qui contient des mesures de sécurité et de confidentialité des données, celles-ci sont transmises à un cabinet de réviseurs d’entreprises aux fins de traitement, de vérification et de paiement de la garantie. Elles font par ailleurs l’objet d’une réconciliation avec les données comptables en possession de l’administrateur judiciaire chargé du contrôle de la gestion du patrimoine de la banque défaillante. Les déclarants disposent d’un droit d’accès aux données les concernant et de rectification de ces données.


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